Frequently Asked Questions

We Truly Care

We care about the children who are struggling at home, in school, in the playground, or at sports clubs. We care about children who are suffering with mental health issues because they have such low self esteem & confidence.

We care about the impact your child’s difficulties have on your family life & its relationships. We care about the future; making health care accessible, early intervention achievable and having resources & workshops easily available.

We want to build a community spirit of empowerment, health promotion and positivity.

We Have The Experience

We have over a decade working within a number of communities supporting children and families with a wide range of difficulties.

We have worked in a Specialist Developmental Coordination Disorder Team, supporting children & families at home, school and  in after school activities.

We have worked within Child Development Centres for babies & toddlers with physical or specific learning disabilities.

We have managed Education Collaboration Projects including working in schools for children with profound & moderate physical and learning disabilities.

We have worked in an international, specialised environment, supporting children using a Sensory Integration Approach to practice.

We will never stop learning and stay ahead of the practices that will allow us to support your child, and family, with the skill, care & attention it deserves.

What is involved in an intervention?

We may feel that your child needs some 1:1 intervention to maximise the development of their skills.

Intervention allows the child various experiences through play; this helps your child to build on core skills that may be preventing them from accessing some aspects of their everyday lives.

Not every child needs intervention, and any agreed plan will be tailored in length to specifically suit their needs.

How Do we run our Sessions?

The active therapy session lasts 45 minutes leaving 15 minutes for discussion and questions.

We ask that children come along to these sessions in comfortable clothing. The child where possible will have a degree of input into designing the treatment sessions.

We work collaboratively with all parents/guardians – and ask you to join into the sessions – to help you and your child as best we can. Our Family-Centred approach means you will receive guidance and support throughout the Intervention journey.

Throughout the process, we provide the family with a range of activity suggestions to continue with at home.

We want Parents & Guardians to join in on the fun!

This is worth repeating! We ask that parents & guardians join into the sessions as much as possible.

This will allow you to learn how to support your child’s development in greater detail. Don’t underestimate your importance in all of this, we see you as the expert when it comes to your child and how Occupational Therapy will fit into your child’s world. 

Research shows that isolated 1:1 sessions in a clinic with no follow through of activities at home will have little impact on improving their skills. Do not underestimate your importance in this process. Repetition at home could make the world of difference to your child’s confidence, motivation and self esteem and this is why we are so passionate about having you on board our team. 

Whst is involved in a Pre Assessment?

The Pre- Assessment is a consultation that lasts no longer than an hour. We will chat about everyday life for your child & family and focus on your areas of concerns.

We use this time to offer advice, strategies, top tips & resources for you to trial for a few weeks / months with your child to ascertain if a full assessment is required.

This is ideal if your child is perhaps struggling in a few specific areas, or you are seeking some insight and guidance on how best you can support your child’s development. Here our focus is on positive health promotion of wellbeing and improving your child’s participation in the areas of life they are finding tricky.

What is involved in the Full Assessment?

We offer a full range of child centred standardised and non- standardised assessments that are completely child and family focused.

These include Sensory, Mental Health, Movement, Visual, Handwriting, Life Skills Assessments.

This is not a one size fits all approach; therefore we can adapt all assessments to suit your child.

What is involved during Interventions?

We strongly feel that the aims of the therapy should be directed by you and your child; each goal is focused on what is important to YOUR life.

We design & deliver a tailored program that endeavours to help your child in whatever aspect of their life that they are finding challenging. This includes mental health symptom management strategies, sensory intervention, sensory attachment intervention, gross and fine motor skills organisational skills to name but a few…

How do I prepare for my Childs OT?

Once agreed to the block of intervention (how often & how many), here is the process of what happens:


  1. GOALS

We will agree the therapy goals from what was covered during the assessment. This is about what is important to your child and you! The therapist is there to facilitate, guide and mentor along the way. Remember this is a collaborative journey. The goals will be reviewed regularly.


Our Family-Centred approach means developing, as a family, together. That is why we strongly encourage parents & guardians to attend each session and get involved; the reason for this is you get to see and learn ways to follow up with the therapy at home.


Yes, this is can be a serious or stressful time in your families life. In particular for your child. We want to make our sessions as enjoyable and fun as possible. All of our sessions are designed to develop skills through play.


Intervention is focused on helping your child, and the wider family, achieve their goals. But this is not a magic trick, the key is keeping up the work at home within the reality of your own life- whether it is between each session, or long after intervention has concluded, we cannot stress strongly enough that this is a continuous journey.

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