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Roots OT believes that all human beings are unique and authentic and celebrates the diversity and strengths of each child or young person that we have the benefit of coming in contact with. Roots OT is rooted in the neurodiverse approach that all children and young people always have potential to grow and to flourish no matter what the diagnosis, past history or medical condition or environment is.


Due to the impact of various diagnosis or challenges can lead to children and young people feeling ungrounded or in other words unregulated within their bodies and selves. At Roots OT one of the main focus is achieving a better level of groundedness; which means promoting a positive sense of self regulation and enhancing the ability to feel calm and happy within their bodies.


From being grounded comes growth; children and young people are better able to cope with challenging situations or environments and triggers that would have normally led to various difficulties coping; therefore enhancing a better sense of well being and resilience is the main goal.

Neurodiverse approach


Roots OT takes a neurodiverse approach to your childs needs that is rather than difficulties focused; offering acceptance, comfort and hope to you and your child.

Neurodiversity explains that neurological differences between humans are actually natural genetic variations. Hence, the symptoms of Autism and behaviours are not a “disorder” or something that needs to be “fixed”. In a nutshell, neurodiversity promotes that differences are not defects. They’re just, quite simply, differences.


When Fiona started working with my pre verbal autistic daughter, she had huge sensory issues and was a very unhappy and cross child. We were unable to brush her hair and teeth, cut her nails or get her to relax. Fiona worked with me to help me regulate my child, giving my child the ability to over come all off her sensory issues. My daughter could not learn to talk as she was so unregulated. Once Fiona began her work, her words came on and she is now on par with children of her age. I credit my daughters progression and happiness to Occupational Therapy and Fiona’s lovely kind and soft approach. As a professional, Fiona is so highly skilled and so calm and reassuring in her approach. I feel so lucky to have had Fiona help us as a family and really release my daughters full potential

Michelle, Co. Tipperary

Fiona is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I have two boys with Autism, both under 5 years of age with complex needs. Family Life is very busy. Fiona’s programmes are very practical and can be incorporated into every day life. Fiona has a hands on approach, which has a calming effect on my boys. I can see massive improvements since working with Fiona. It has made family life a lot easier. Words can’t describe the benefits of working with Fiona and the difference it has made to my boys life’s. We are all very grateful to have found such an amazing OT.

Eimear, Co. Limerick

We knew our daughter needed support but had no idea where to start. We were very lucky to find Fiona who guided us through the process. Her vast experience, commitment to building strong relationships, and creative approach reassured us as parents. Our daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Fiona and is growing from strength to strength as a result of her tailored approach. The confidence and bank of strategies which Fiona has helped her develop are aiding her progress in every aspect of her life.”

Grace, Limerick City

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